One of the highlights of the year for Full Circle Recycling was the acquisition of Rubin Steel. This addition has allowed us to provide customers with a wide range of benefits when it comes to the recycling services we provide. We are now your go-to option for steel and metal recycling in Lancaster, PA. By utilizing these services, you can bring your old and unused scrap metals to us to get paid the highest possible value for these items.

If you simply require some new or used steel for a project you're working on, we specialize in steel sales for all your needs. We have a vast steel supply that should satisfy any requirement you may have. We also offer comprehensive waste solutions. If you want to remove scrap metal from your property, you can talk to us about containers that we will deliver to you to be used for filling up with old scrap. Once the containers are full, we'll remove them for you and bring them back whenever you need to fill them up again. These containers can be purchased in a wide range of different sizes, anywhere from 8 yards to 40 yards, depending on what your needs are.

Now that we have acquired Rubin Steel, you can contact us to get the latest pricing on many different metals and other materials, such as agricultural scrap, automobile scrap, industrial scrap, aluminum, stainless steel, scrap iron and used appliances.​